Design II & Sculpture Art - Fall 2018                        
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  1. My artistic statement on my sculpture is about how we can feel trapped like we are in a cage. Unable to break free from our own prison we sit there wondering how many days have gone by. How sometimes you just need to break free and spread your wings to freedom. The dialog within the sculpture would drive your point of view directly to the birds flying out of the cage. You can imagine the birds actually flying away and the ones stuck in the cage singing their little bird songs The space is very open whenever the birds start to fly out of the cage, while the birds inside are clustered together. My sculpture has a deeper meaning on what it is like to be free rather than being stuck in a cage. Whether that cage is personal or realistic is up to the viewer. Sometimes you need to break out of your cage in order to truly be free.

Title of Piece: Unity

This piece is a representation of a unity between everyone.  A shared energy that we are all a part of in our existence.  This piece is made to be interacted with directly where up to 7 people can hold a mask that looks the same as the others to show that we are all the same.  When the masks are placed in their holders, they form a line and if looked upon directly you can only see one to show again that we are all the same.

My piece represents purity and innocence because of the white flowers and also some of the off white plants that went with the sculpture. The other reason for the flowers was that I love flowers and it shows off my personality and that white is also my secondary color and I the bottle caps that is not very noticeable is kind a little vintage additions to the sculpture. The origami is just the a little details that was added since most of the sculpture is detailed oriented and I used flower paper to added a bit more pop to the sculpture, so that’s why I made the origami cranes. I wanted to give a white background space because there is so much going with the sculpture itself that I wanted something that has plain space around the sculpture to make sure the sculpture is center of attention.      
    Brooke Balthrop    


  Eve Thompson       Nydia Ussin      

In my recent work, I was looking to highlight our household cat’s love
for mischief, especially in our technological era. I achieved this sculpture
by carving garage insulation and wrapping it with yarn.
The mouse is a average computer mouse with the wire cut at the end.

    Presley Morris       Eve Thompson                


The Dancing Girl

I create a sculpture that is represent a female performer,
it’s a sculpture of a women dancing, I have created this sculpture
and design it from basic things: foil, iron wires, iron stick and iron can.
I made the design of her dress from foil to make the sculpture
more visual and better design. I did the dancing girl
sculpture to express about dance.

I needed to figure out that I was inspired about something so I kind of bought some materials and decided to make a dreamcatcher which took a couple of days to finish and used a candle holder for something to hang on to. The main reason I chose the candle holder was because the dancers can grab the dream catcher from it and dance around with it.  The dreamcatcher itself was an inspiration of the bohemian style which I love and some of the themes from the previous sculpture that I did just in different form. The moon pendant that is hanging in the middle of the dreamcatcher is kind like the center of the moonlight which is why majority of the material on the dreamcatcher is white. The lace the covers the dreamcatcher because it was just a wooden ring to add a little of vintage to the bohemian style of the piece itself. The difficult part the string that make the dreamcatcher its shape and took me awhile to add a little jewelry in there just to add a little more objects so that it doesn’t look too plain but at the same time not so much going on like I did from my previous sculpture.  This was my first time actually creating a dreamcatcher but glad that it turned out really well and I did not add the flowers this like I was planning to do was because of time concerns and get it done on time. I did not want to make the sculpture to busy that it would be kind of distracting so I wanted make it as simple as possible that it doesn’t take the attention away from the piece itself.

The heart of Nature

That’s my sculpture, it’s basically made from a tree branches, in pyramid shape two feet length  and two feet width it had a flower on the top and in the middle of it had a fish and bells so its express my thinking about the nature and the history of our grandpas.

    Nooraldeen Alsmady       Nydia Ussin   Nooraldeen Alsmady            

Record player sculpture

                My statement on my sculpture is that sometimes the world can be
black and white. It could even be dull and boring from time to time.
Even though there can be no color in the world, all you must do is play
some music. Music can make you sing, dance, and even create things you
have never thought of creating. Without music in our lives,
we would live in a black and white world, a pointless, gloomy world.
The dialog within the sculpture would drive your point of view directly
to the music notes. In a way you can even hear the sculpture,
as if it was actual playing music. It would make you think what kind of music
would be playing for yourself, if you were to play a record.
My sculpture brings life into this dull gray world, it brings colorful music
and artistic abilities to the people that want to listen to it.
Just like if you had a colored Television Set you never want to
go back to black and white.

For my sculpture, I chose to create a butterfly. I think butterflies are a graceful, harmless, beautiful part of nature, much like dancers are to humans. I wanted to bring nature and dancers together in a way. I created this piece out of foam, tissue paper, tulle, and wire.

    Brooke Balthrop     Brittany Sallier    

Presley Morris


The sculpture is constructed from a rectangular glass planter, black poster board, double sided tape and two 6-inch led lights, 70 lumens on each one.

The idea of the sculpture came to me from the tales and mysteries people would tell around a warm and flickering fire, tales of heroes of old in shining steel armor ready to swing at the devils dark deeds. For where evil resides, so do those who stand against them, those chosen to wield the light, to bring forth a new dawn so that we may see tomorrows telling of our future. But this sculptor however brings forth a tale never spoken of before, a tale in which a certain individual grew to become the guardian of our world, never to be seen by anyone, for his destiny lied in saving us from the evils that we committed ourselves, the evils that have strayed with us since the dawn of time. Our sins fuel those evils, but he stands between them and all the shadow that cast out what little light is left in our world, and many others.

He is not meant to save us from common criminals, natural disasters or other incidents, his fate lies elsewhere, never to be known or heard of by our world, only those who have crossed with him know of his deeds and good will, and those people are the ones that tell such a story, a story of a journey, a journey that time forgot, they tell the children and those of all ages as they gather close to hear of him, a legend, myth as the shadows of the campfire play out the scenes.

This piece is made from foam board which I cut out to make those two black figures, the lights should be bright enough to emit a shadow from the figures onto the back curtains.

They are shadow figures, or demons, the person or people would need to act out a sword with their arms as if they are fighting the figures, but first let me tell you the story behind this.

This sculpture plays off my first sculpture from the first sculpture from the class, except this one has an entirely different meaning in terms of what its telling.
When children are tucked into their beds for the night and given a goodnights kiss on the forehead, but the feeling of dread begin to sink into the children, for they fear the dark and what monsters lie waiting to jump out and do harm, so instead of cowering under their sheets, I say do not wait for a hero to come save you, become that hero. Take up arms and cast away the shadows so that you may have pleasant dreams that night, dreams of your bravery.

    Emanuel Gonzalez     Emanuel Gonzalez                  

       For this project, we were asked to read three short stories by other artist in the writing field. From those stories we picked which story we connected with most or found inspiration from. One of my stories where, “We the Gods,” by Jonathan Serna, which talked about alien warriors who are raised to fight and have no emotion, when then the captain of the squad starts to feel remorse for those who’ve died. The second story given is, “Matanuska Thunderf*ck,” by Calan Rawl sums up to, a friend gifting another a cannabis plant which holds high value of its kind. The last story read is called, “This is the day the Lord has Made,” which the main character who is in an unhappy and abuse marriage, uses her religious upbringing as a protective cloak in staying with her husband. I chose to take inspiration from Calan Rawl's story in creating my piece. The story was hard to follow left me wondering what was going to happen at the end. I’ve decided to do research on the title and found out it is a well known Cannabis plant in Alaska. I read a few comments of those who’ve tried the plant and there was mention of not only the plant having a frost like to it (since found in Matanuska Valley) but, trying the drug and looking up at the Northern Lights, during the high. I wanted to paint that effect in my sculpture, one side being the lights and the other being the cold mountains of Alaska. I also researched colors of psychology to have the main character depicting emotions. I painted the middle piece purple and orange to show, mystery and wisdom; along with enthusiasm and attention. The main character had the knowledge of what was being given to him, along with the mysterious actions of his friend being depicted in the story. The orange represents the characters attention and focus on the plant, which made me combine the colors of my piece. The base is pure white, as white is the color of purity, which represents the pure form of the plant.

    Brittany Sallier       Brittany Sallier                
    Each artist was given three short stories and tasked with creating a sketch proposing a sculpture inspired by the story. Below are the artist's renderings. Scroll down and across to view all images >>>>>>>
Once sculpture is created from the initial drawings. (See above)
    Nooraldeen Alsmady Nooraldeen Alsmady Noraldeen Alsmady Nydia Ussin Nydia Ussin Nydia Ussin              
    Untitled by Kendal Rash The Hunter by Shea Brooks Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep by Brianna Harkins Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep by Brianna Harkins Fiction Rough Draft by Chelsea Vidales Basil the Emperor by Connor Knox              
    Presley Morris Presley Morris Presley Morris Brooke Balthrop Brooke Balthrop Brittany Sallier              
    La-Z-boys by Van Poe The Dancer by Tram Tran Basil the Emperor by Connor Knox   See above for inspiration                
    Emanuel Gonzalez Emanuel Gonzalez Nooraldeen Alsmady Brittany Sallier Brittany Sallier Brittany Sallier              
    We the Gods by Jonathan Serna First Flight by Benjamin Kimathi   This is the Day the Lord has Made by Amanda Joy Kennedy Matanuska Thunderfuck by Calan Rawl We the Gods by Jonathan Serna