2012 Service Learning Art Projects
All service learning projects are designed to explore the value of art to society, integrating the curriculum of Art Appreciation 1301 curriculum.
Projects must consider and benefit artists, the art community, students, and the community.
Final book Sample  

This group will create a workbook that leads CASA children through exercises that encourage self-expression by examples of classic art.
The hope is through gentle guidance, by art and broad questions or exercises, the children can provide valuable insights that allow volunteers to better meet their needs. Click HERE to view group summary.

The group must find all information about art work to use it. This includes artist, style, year created, art period and background story of art and artist.
Click to view introduction email sent to CASA for partnership opportunities. Click HERE to view pdf.

What makes you dance?
What's your favorite music?
When do you shine?
What gets in your hair?
Describe the ideal family.
Sing your favorite song?
Who do you like to dance with?
What music do you hear?
How do you express yourself?
Describe a family.
What do you like to do?
What kind of party would you throw?
What makes you scream?
What scares you?
What makes you jump?
What makes you sad?
What do you see in Van Gogh's painting?
How do you describe yourself?
Draw your favorite flower.
Draw a self-portrait
Other potential questions: Draw a happy moment., What makes you happy?