2012 Service Learning Art Projects
All service learning projects are designed to explore the value of art to society, integrating the curriculum of Art Appreciation 1301 curriculum. Projects must consider and benefit artists, the art community, students, and the community.
Summary: There are hundreds of dollars of food savings that are available in coupons.  This group will address the issue of getting these savings to people who need assistance in purchasing food and could benefit from the array of discounts available by simply being aware.  They will develop an awareness campaign and explore different ideas for collection and distribution points of coupons.   
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Areas of scholarship for project:

- The use of posters as art
- How posters were used for war messaging
- How Pop Art style art can influence the signage for the coupon awareness campaign.


Below are examples of creative collection stations that promote a cause.
Be creative in your exploration/creation of a distribution and collection station.
Sample Pop Art (1960-1970)      
Roy Lichtenstein, Girl with Hair Ribbon, Andy Warhol, Campbell's Tomato Soup, 1962 Jasper Johns, Three Flags, 1955 Roy Lichtenstein, Vicki, 1964
Samples of posters using art      

Keep These Hands Off!

by G. K. Odell

Longing Won`t Bring Him Back Sooner...
Get a War Job!
by Lawrence Wilbur, 1944

Printed by the
Government Printing Office for the War

Victory Waits on Your Fingers

Produced by the
Royal Typewriter Company
for the U.S. Civil Service Commission

Mucha’s beautiful ladies with flowing silk and flowers (c1890)
PAL (Jean de Paleologue) 1895
"Green Devil" by Cappiello (1906)
Jane Avril (1893)
the girl on a bicycle chasing geese (1899),

Don`t Let That Shadow Touch Them
by Lawrence B. Smith, 1942

Steinlen’s little girl feeding milk to her cats (1894)
Lautrec’s Moulin Rouge (1891)
We Can Do It!
by J. Howard Miller

James Montgomery Flagg (1877-1960)
I Want You for the
U.S. Army

Lithograph, 1917


Chouquet 1888

Annual Charity Ball