2012 Service Learning Art Projects
All service learning projects are designed to explore the value of art to society, integrating the curriculum of Art Appreciation 1301 curriculum. Projects must consider and benefit artists, the art community, students, and the community.
Summary: The group will explore and research the history of tattoo as art, what are the cultural influences over the ages, and the purpose/intention of this medium from the artist’s perspective.  From their work, they will develop a curriculum that can be given to an art program to teach the art of tattoo.  

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In addition to documenting the history of tattoo art, the body as a canvas must be explored. What is the added aesthetic value of the body and skin? Do different portions of the body entail implied meaning or messaging. An image behind the ear on the neck, compared to an image on the ankle? Lower back?  
Any image used, the artist must be cited and full credits included. Permission is not necessary.