Vitruvian Chart Example

The Roman architect Vitruvius developed the ideal of perfect proportion by beginning with the human body. 
He wrote about developing a standard proportion in buildings.  This inspired the drawing by Renaissance artist, Leonardo da Vinci,
1,500 years later, titled, Vitruvian Man.

Vitruvian considered the size and proportion of everything he built by thinking about who would be using the structure.  In his case, he had to find an average size to accommodate the masses.

Your task is to identify other designs which are influenced by external factors.  Create a chart of items, services, products or experiences and how they impact each other.  Give a brief explanation of the chart and relationship to each other. See example below:

Grading rubric:
Identify 8-10 design relationships            A
5-7 items connected                             B
2-4 items C