2012 Service Learning Art Projects
All service learning projects are designed to explore the value of art to society, integrating the curriculum of Art Appreciation 1301 curriculum. Projects must consider and benefit artists, the art community, students, and the community.

TCU presentation


Questions to be answered:

1. Project title?

2. Group participants?

3. Idea briefly described

4. Issue the group is addressing

5. Proposed solutions - Purpose of the project?

6. Who benefits?

7. Audience?

8. Partners?

9. Possible forms of expression?


Final presentation: (10 mins.)

  1. Introduction - overall project summary
  2. Detailed description of concept
  3. Art used in projects - Give details - Show scholarship
  4. Describe experience (use blog entries as example)
  5. Potential partners & why
  6. Conclusion - What you did with project in community or could do
  7. If you didn't accomplish service learning that benefits the community, how can you?

Grading criteria: Informative, Interesting, Visually supported, Clearly describe the concept, process and outcomes. Include personal narrative.